Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Paint - A Possible Photoshop Killer?

Paint - A Possible Photoshop Killer
Paint has came bundled with almost all version of Windows. Here is a video poking fun at Microsoft Paint purported to be this year must-have killer software.

Paint, a possible Photoshop killer? Nay..

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sebol said...

Photoshop killer adalah gimp.

sebol said...


before i view the video i thought microsoft seriously want to bundle killer gfx program.

haha ha ha

"save file electronically and can reopen later"

on your fingertips

nabora said...

"we worked for about 8 months to figure out the best 12 colors.."

"i'm fully in control of how my image turn out.."
"can we thin out the line..? no"

"you literally just double click on the application icon, and the program will open right in front of you, in a matter of minutes.."

really funny!
who are these guys..? salute to them all...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe Paint - it's the first drawing program that I used on my PC. I also use it for familyessay.org when we needed correct something easy.