Monday, July 9, 2007

Fake Steve Jobs Spotted!

Fake Steve Jobs is not yet another personalities in the blogosphere. He was recently featured by PC World as one of their Top 100 Favorite Blogs. Do have a look at The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.
Some bloggers have so much sheer personality that it doesn't much matter what they write about on any given day. Even Real Steve Jobs recently said he's an avid reader of this bizarre and funny fantasy, whose author has managed to keep his or her identity secret.
CNET later featured an exclusive interview with him few days after the Apple iPhone launch.
Straight dope from Fake Steve Jobs
For months now, one of the best-read blogs in technology circles has been the starkly funny, pull-no-punches Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.
And here is the real Steve Jobs delivering one of its finest presentation at MacWorld 2007.

BusineesWeek's communications coach, Carmine Gallo mines Steve Jobs' introduction of the Apple iPhone to offer five lessons for making an unforgettable pitch.
  1. Build Tension
  2. Stick to One Theme per Slide
  3. Add Pizzazz to Your Delivery
  4. Practise
  5. Be Honest and Show Enthusiasm

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