Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Things Advertising Network and Publisher really don't want You to Know

Most websites and blogs have been infested with either image or text ads. I know it's rusty issue and most will know how to block the ads. But, for those uninitiated, here is a few simple steps to browse internet virtually Ad-Free.

For Firefox user,

  1. Install Adblock Plus Firefox Add-ons. Get it here.
  2. Add one of the Filter Subscription.
  3. For all practical purpose, use EasyList. It filters out most image and text ads including those from Google Adsense.

More Adblock Plus Screenshots here

For Internet Explorer User,
  • IE7Pro would be a good choice. It's free and it blocks all forms of advertising, including Flash ads, Img ads, Iframe ads, Inline text and pic ads and etc. Visit IE7Pro Website for more information.

For Opera User,
  1. The ad blocking feature is built right in the browser in the form of Content Blocker.
  2. To enable this feature, just right click on any part of the web page and choose the "Block Content..." from the menu entry.
  3. One additional tip to block Google Text or Image Ads. Choose Tools->Advanced->Blocked content... and add this to the list.
For Safari 3 Beta User,
  • Try out Pith Helmet. It is an extended site preferences and ad blocking plugin for Apple Safari.

Reader should be given the choice to not view ads. If majority of web user turn on their Ad-Blocking feature, Ad Networks should start to worry and rethink on their business plan.

You can test drive the Ad-Blocking Feature here.

With Nuffnang on this blog, i should not be writing this.

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Jasraj said...

Most of these add-blocking features have been available since time in memorial. However I don't think much internet surfers actually use these features.

Yet if people start to pickup and implement such measures, then yes I agree that many advertisement services will have to go back to the drawing board.

Testing said...

Most of them especially IE users just don't know that this ad-blocking feature exist. Only recently, IE came with decent built-in pop up blocker.

Lewis said...

Ads need to be entertaining and or educational and with production values that will make us want to watch them.